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Planning Your Pilgrimage


Planning a solo pilgrimage takes time!  Nine months of research and planning went into my Summer 2018 pilgrimage.  Here are a few tips to get you started.

1.  Pray! 

Blessed Is She Liturgical Planner

Blessed Is She Liturgical Planner

2.  Dream about an itinerary. 

  • Which Saints have helped you on your path to holiness?

  • Which Saints and feast days are connected to your personal sacramental history?

  • Which Marian Shrines draw you closer to her?

  • Which places do you want to prioritize?

  • Which places could you combine into one pilgrimage?

3.  A pilgrimage is an investment in your spiritual life.  Look at your finances, set a realistic budget, and start saving your pennies!  

4.  Get your Passport.  You may also need to get a Visa and vaccinations.

5. Research the safety and security information of the country here.  

6.  Purchase your flights!  I've had great success finding inexpensive tickets using Google Flights.

7.  Outline your basic itinerary in a spreadsheet and find your accommodations ahead of time- this will give you more time to enjoy each site.  Consider staying at pilgrim hotels, convents, and monasteries.  

8.  Consider downloading the free travel Apps listed here.

9.  Choose your bag and think about your gear:  I'm traveling for two months with this 40L carry on backpack, the Osprey Farpoint.

10.  Find a bank debit card and credit cards that offer 0% foreign transaction fees.  Also, before you depart, notify your bank and credit card companies of your travel.

11.  Ask your friends if you can carry any special intentions with you to your pilgrimage sites. 

12.  Pray for safe travels and enjoy your pilgrimage!

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