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Pilgrimage is Prayer


A pilgrimage is more than just a trip to a place of religious interest.  It is a physical journey that coincides with a spiritual journey to deeper union, surrender, and trust in God.  A pilgrimage requires careful planning, especially to incorporate structured times of prayers throughout the day.  The goal is to maintain your interior recollection, even when your prayer time may be on a boat, plane, or train.  Traveling by foot to Catholic shrines adds an Incarnational dimension to our journey to union with God.  Inside the shrine, the sacraments of Confession and Eucharist and the celebration of liturgy are moments of incredible grace.  These graces can be unpacked in the weeks, months, and years following a pilgrimage.  Religious souvenirs can also be beautiful ways to remember and renew the encounter with God during the pilgrimage.

Rose would love to take your prayer intentions to the places she'll visit on her next pilgrimage!

I have a strong desire to go personally to pray in the most important places which, from the Old to the New Testament, have seen God’s interventions, which culminate in the mysteries of the Incarnation and of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ.
— St. John Paul II, "Letter Concerning Pilgrimage to the Places Linked to the History of Salvation"

Rose's Book List

Rose loves to read. Long before she started planning this pilgrimage, she read many spiritual, theological, and philosophical works that shaped and formed her love for the Church and the mysteries of our beautiful Faith. Here are a few of her favorites.